Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Blog

For anyone still watching this very out of date blog, for the sake of simplicity and ease of updating I have now incorporated my three photography blogs into my main website "Seduced by Light - a photographic journey of light and shadow".. And moved most of the more relevant posts over to there.
The remaining content will stay here for the sake of nostalgia.
Please visit my new blog for further updates.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

365 by a factor of 12 - October

The Bleak HouseThe Bleak House
Octobers offerings come firstly from a shoot with Faerie-Emma at a derelict country mansion house in the Borders area, which was pretty much gifted by Chrissie, who also wanted to shoot there with another photographer, so off we all set, myself via Perth, Glasgow etc, The place is a little creepy and pretty dark, but not too bad with other people there also, the light in some of the rooms is pretty cool in the right conditions, we probably got a bit lucky toward the end of the shoot and this was one of the resulting images.

In pretty much total contrast, another shoot was with EricaJoanne from her Rocky Horror project, though we did kind of stray off the theme just a little, Moi forever the procrastinator, but we just couldn't resist this cool looking glowing table top, I think we did manage to do a few images on the theme though, so I guess that's ok, oops. All in all we had a fun shoot and some chocolate too :D

Friday, 18 September 2009

365 by a factor of 12 - August

I didn't do a great deal in August, even less so far in September, so maybe I will shoot my toe for the next 365 entry ha ha.

Perspective Power
Perspective Power
I have been looking for a clear scene like this since about 2002/3 and never found one that quite done it for me in a symmetrical kind of way, so anyway, I went looking for ruin that my friend told me about months ago, while I was there I found him out for a walk, life is odd at times!
The ruin was totally over grown (probably OK in winter) and a non event, so went for a wander, spotted this and thought,it has just about all the elements I want.
The hum from the cables is very noticeable this close, it actually interfered with the radio trigger and a few images have weird patterns on them, a little unnerving!

River Mermaid
River Mermaid
Later in the month as per an earlier entry, I met up and worked with Katy T after an 18 month absence.
This was just about the last shot from the shoot, unfortunately we attracted the attention of an unplanned audience, oops, which put a bit of a dampener on things, then the heavens opened and we were basically rained off, which pretty much turned the dampener into a full on flood, so that was that really.
Better luck next time hopefully! ha ha.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

In Ayrshire with Katy T-ree

I know this blog title will get me in trouble, but hey I just couldn't resist it.

Saving Trees

Saving Trees.

Anyway it has been 18 months since Kate and I last worked together and 2 years since we were on location, but there weren't any trees about at that time, its probably not any secret about her like of trees, I like big clouds and moody sky's, so that's what this was about really.

Hang Out

Hang Out.

We had spotted an interesting looking tree a little firther away, but on getting there it didn't look so good, however Kate spotted this tree with a branch sticking out, it was too high to reach, so I got to find out what it is like to be a stepladder lol, so that was it really, and running back to the camera, getting a shot and back before she fell, all in the name of art of course.
Thanks also to Allan (Twenty Twenty Images) for being our tour guide for the day.